Sage Import Maps

To enable you to set the correct Sage import maps we first need to decide which version of Sage your Redant export is using. Do the following:

  1. From the Redant main menu select Maintenance > Setup > Defaults
  2. Select the General tab
  3. In the bottom right corner of the window make a note of the entery in the dropdown field under the Financial Link section as shown in the screen shot below e.g. Sage 50 V11+
  4. Close the default settings window

In Sage do the following:

  1. Select File followed by Import
  2. Backup your data if required and select Next
  3. Select Audit Trail Transactions followed by Next
  4. Select Comma Separated file and browse for your exported Redant file followed by Next

You will now be at the stage to map the redant exported data fields to the sage import fields as per the screen shot below.

Using the Financial Link information obtained from Redant above we can decide how many of the Sage fields to map to the imported file.

Sage 50 = A to J

Sage 50 V11+ = A to M

In the Imported Field column select A for the first item followed by B for the second line all the way through the alphabet until you reach the last letter as shown by the version above. eg. if your sage export is set to 'Sage 50' you would stop at J. See the screen shot below.

For Sage 50 V11+ then continue to M (User Name)

You can select Save Map and save your settings to a file so they can be recalled if needed in the future.  Once you have done a successful import then the Maps will be remembered for future imports.