Any report created using Crytal Reports can be added to the reports module in Redant. Follow the instructions below to add a new report:

  1. From the Main Menu select Reports from the top menu
  2. Enter a 'report name' in the bottom left field
  3. Using the folder button to the right of 'report path' locate the crystal report file you wish to add
  4. Enter an optional 'security code' to prevent unauthorised printing of the report by any user
  5. Select the 'Add Report' button

The new report will now be listed in the window of available reports above.  You can remove a report by selecting the report from the available reports list with your left mouse button and then selecting the 'remove report' button.

To run a report, select it in the top menu using your left mouse button and then select the 'View Report' button. If the report requires any parameters to filter the data then a window will appear.  Leaving range parameters empty will not return any data e.g. leaving Customer From and Customer To empty would result in no data being printed.  As an example to select all customers you would enter from '1' to 'zzzzzzzz' This goes for date range entries as well.