PDF Font/Word errors

After previewing a report in Redant and then exporting it to a PDF or sending it as an email, you may find certain characters are not being displayed correctly and in some cases words are misspelt.

This occurrs when the font that is being used in the crystal report itself is not available on the computer creating the pdf export. Open the report using Crystal Reports and select one or more of the words that are being displayed incorrectly - make a note of the font being used and then check that this font has been installed on the computer which is causing the issue. If you do not have a copy of Crystal Reports, email the report rpt file (found in your redant\reports folder) to support@redantsoftware.co.uk quoting this help document title and we will be able to tell you what the font is.

In all reported cases, we have found this always to be the cause of the problem and it was resolved by installing the missing font on the PC in question. Speak to you IT company on how to get the missing font installed


If you are writing your own reports then make sure you use fonts that are generally available on windows computers


Support Team