Invalid Character Value for Cast Specification

you receive this error when starting Redant from a new PC running Windows 10

To solve this issue do the following:

  1. Open windows control panel and select Region
  2. Make sure the Format is set to English UK
  3. Check the short date format is set to dd/MM/yyyy
  4. Select Additional Settings followed by the Date tab and check the shot format is the same as 3 above
  5. Select OK on the Additional Settings window and then select the Location tab
  6. Make sure it is set to United Kingdom
  7. Select the Administrative tab followed by Change System Locale
  8. Make sure it is set to United Kingdon
  9. Remove the check against the Beta option - it is critical this is removed
  10. Select OK to close the windows followed by OK to close the Regional window.
  11. Reboot the PC if prompted to do so.


Redant Support