How to setup Redant to use Outlook to send emails

Sign in to Redant as the Admin user

From the 'Main Menu' select Maintenance>Users>Login ID

Locate the User to change or select New to create a new user and then change the following settings:

Add a Check in the following fields: 'Outlook Email' and 'Outlook Signature'

Once the new settings have been saved then select the 'Test Email' button to verify you have received an email in Outlook.

To verify documents are being sent correctly, go to any module and select 'Output Document' and then email the document to yourself.  This will show a copy of the sent email in your outlook inbox which is what the recipient will see.

Any report or document emailed from Redant will now appear in your 'Sent' items folder in Outlook.  If you still require a copy in your 'Inbox', although this is not necessary as its recorded in sent items, then do the following:

From the Redant main menu, select Maintenance > Setup > Defaults > Switches Tab

Add a check to the option 'Copy of Email to Inbox' (3rd column middle) Select Save to update change


Redant Support Team