How to setup a SQL TCP Client Connection


From the SQL server computer open the SQL Server Configuration Manager as shown below

Expand the tree in the left hand window as shown below and select Protocols for Redant



Double click the TCP/IP protocol in the right hand window


Select the IP Addresses Tab and scroll to the bottom

Under the IPAll entry remove any data in TCP Dynamic Ports and enter 1433 in TCP Port as per the screen shot above. Click Apply and then OK

You will receive a message that all SQL services will require restarting for this change to take affect.

CAUTION, before proceeding with the restart please make sure all users have closed any Redant applications on their desktops.

In the left hand window select SQL Server Services and then in the right hand windows Right Click SQL Server (Redant) followed by Restart. Do this for the SQL Server Browser service as well.


For each Workstation running Redant you will need to make a change to the connection file as follows:

Navigate to the c:\redantpcs folder on the workstation where you will see a file called RedantPCS.txt The .txt extension may not be show. Double click the file and you will see something similar to this

On the second line change np: to tcp: as shown below. DO NOT change any other information. Save file and restart Redant. You will now be using a TCP connection to the SQL server as apposed to a Named Pipes connection.  If you cannot login with Redant after making this change simply reverse the setting. i.e. replace tcp: with np:

Please seek further assistance if necessary