Many of the grids in Redant can be modified to hide, resize and format the columns.  To do this follow the procedure below:

  1. Login to Redant as the Admin user
  2. Open the required module and select one of the 'tabs' which has a grid e.g. Job Orders > Process tab
  3. Using the mouse click anywhere in the grid and then select the following keys holding each one down Ctrl + Alt + Z
  4. A message box will appear asking if you want to reset grid settings to their default settings - Only select YES if you want to erase your current settings otherwise select No. If this is the first time using this feature a further message will appear stating that new settings have been created. Select OK and the grid settings will now appear.

DO NOT change the Module, Grid Name or Column Name fields. Doing so will cause unpredictable display issues!

The Column Width field allows you to display the display width of a field.  This value is a graphical value setting and a small increase or decrease will have a large effect.  We would suggest changing this value in increments of 100. As a measure, 1000 is about 1"

The Number Format field allows you to change the way a value appears in the grid.  Foe example lets say a column is displaying 123.98765 and you want to display it to 2 decimal places then you would enter 000.00 Use the # symbol to allow a larger integer than 000 otherwise it would only display 999.99 For example #####0.00 would display a max value of 999999.99

The Alignment Column field value will determine how the field is displayed.  Foe a number field then this should be set to 1 otherwise leave it as 3

The Display column checkbox will determine if the field is visible or not to a user. Some of the fields at the beginning and end are used by Redant and do not need to be displayed in any of the grids.  These are normally all in lower case letters with no spaces in the words.

Once you have changed the desired values close the window and exit the module completely. Reload the module and select the tab to see the desired changes.  

At any time you can do Ctrl+Alt+Z and select the Reset option to cancel all changes back to their defaults